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EMSA European Board as well as the Organising Committee of EMSA-Macedonia are pleased to invite you to the EMSA Spring Assembly 2018 which will take place in 23-28 March 2018 in Ohrid, Macedonia!

Registration Periods:1. Representatives’ registrations (20.11-11.12) for members of the EEB, Local Coordinators, National Coordinators and carriers of proxies as well as guests invited by EMSA Europe,2. Members’ registrations (18.12-07.01) for members of EMSA, and3. Open registrations (15.01-25.01)*EMSA Europe and the Organizing Committee reserve the right to accept registrations and to make changes to this timeline. The registration is possible through the EMSA webpage. Registration fee: The participation fee including five nights of accommodation and three course meals is 200 €. The fee without accommodation and breakfast, but including lunch and dinner is 100 €.  For more information about the event, please refer to:


The Jamboree will be held in the village of Skrebatno (Ohrid) and it's surroundings. The camp will be placed in the circle of the church St.Bogorodica and it's green spacious surface.

The official date of the Jamboree is 14-22 July 2018.

On The 12th Jamboree of SAM, every scout that is registered in their unit and therefore in the Scout Association of Macedonia, is elegible to participate. Right to participate has every scout aged between 11-18 years. Everyone older than 18, can apply for participation on the Jamboree, as STAFF, part of the Program or as Leaders of the groups.

The contingents need to be compiled on the principle - on every 9 participants there should be 1 leader.

The prices for this Jamboree are divided in three categories:

- Price for participation for the scouts from Macedonia - 4.500,00 denars (75 euros, depending on the course on the day of payment)

- Price for a participant from Southeastern Europe - 4.500,00 denars (75 euros, depending on the course on the day of payment)

- Price for a participant from the highly developed countries from Europe and the World - 6.200,00 (100 euros, depending on the course on the day of payment)

*** Deadline for applying for the Jamboree is 31.03.2018. Until the same date, every participant needs to pay 10 euros as a guarantee.

*** Transport to, and from the place of happening is not included in the price.

balkanact 2018

This year the seminar comes with a slight twist in topic, and the focus will be Energy Efficiency. Energy Efficiency has become a part of every professional field in its own way and seeing how our world develops, all of us should be aware of the consequences of the lack of efficiency and the ways we can improve our society, economy and ecosystem. With the help of the lecturers, all of them professional in their field, through interesting and educational lectures and workshops we shall all learn about this very important topic. Aside from the conference, the participants will have the chance to see some of the most important historical sight in Ohrid, walk through the narrow and cheerful streets and try the most delicious traditional food.

Friday, May 18 at 13:00h - May 20 at 13:00h


Get ready for the 4th edition of BalkanAct - hosted by Rotaract Macedonia!

Rotaractors goood news!!! Registration will be opened on 5th of February!!!


#BalkanAct #BalkanAct2018 #BalkanActOhrid

#BalkanAct2018 #BalkanActOhrid

rare d

The Association of citizens for rare diseases LIFE WITH CHALLENGES with the help of  members, other organizations and volunteers is organizing a few events in different cities in Macedonia.

On the 24th of February together with Hepar centar Bitola will be held a public event in the center of the city from 11 to 13.00h.

On the 28th of February in Ohrid, Gordana Loleska with the help of supporters and cooperation from many good people from Ohrid is having an event, please search and read more on facebook –

On the 28th of February  a press conference with the National Alliance of R. Macedonia in Skopje will be held at  EU info center, 10.00h.


Mersiha Ismajloska, with the support of “Shila - coffee & bar”, is inviting you on the promotion of her book “The Wondrous Worlds of Alice”, published by “Vermilion”, which analyzes the books “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass” by Lewis Carroll and their interpretation in the visual arts and culture in general.

The promotion begins at tea time, 5 p.m., on 17 February 2018, Saturday.

Promoters of the book will be Professor Lidija Kapushevska Drakulevska, PhD and MSc Aleksandra Jurukovska, as well as the Mad Hatter as moderator of the event.

Sports Center Boris Trajkovski
- Gareth Emery; RE-born festival (20. 12. 2014)

Browse through insider tips and recommendations to make your navigation through Skopje even easier. Essential phone numbers, traveling how-to’s  and useful information about how to make your stay more enjoyable.  Also, some important words and phrases to get by in the city.

Theater "Dramski"

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